Almost time for NEW season…

Happy Summer Everyone! We hope you enjoyed your summer and it was as memorable as ours…

Our program enjoyed a superlative 2014 Boys Junior National Championships in Houston, TX. Our athletes and families showed again why we are simply the best in Nevada. Congratulations to our 16 Royal and 17 Red teams on a wonderful tournament and to our 18 BLACK team for finishing FIFTH in the nation!

We are busy preparing for the upcoming 2014-2015 season and found this quote that succinctly states what separates VVC:

Teams that are consistently excellent are not normal. These teams follow an abnormal path. Their intentional culture includes discipline, commitment, sacrifice and work habits that are incomprehensible to others who “wish” they would be successful. Those outsiders might be capable but they are unwilling to follow the path or do the work. Great cultures win because they deserve to win and they rehearse it every day.

(Proactive Coaching)

Entering our 9th season of sustained excellence, we are excited to continue our mission with the best athletes and coaches in the valley. Thank you for collaborating to make our program and family the pinnacle of volleyball in the state. 

Q & A

As we work on the schedule and information about the upcoming season, we hope you will find answers to some commonly asked questions below.

Q. When are tryouts?

A. We will host our clinics in early to mid September. Our clinics take the place of “tryouts”. Athletes will be encouraged to attend all the clinics hosted but will only be required to attend specified clinic dates to be considered for a team.

Q. Why “clinics” instead of tryouts?

A. We believe that we teach volleyball differently and practice differently than most programs, high school or otherwise. Giving athletes maximum exposure to our environment affords the athlete the best opportunity to determine if our program is the best fit for him. Also, our coaches are able to use the longer evaluation period to make more informed choices and placements with teams. 

Q. How do I register?

A. You will register online using our REGISTER page for the link to our online system. The link to that page is found in the right margin of the homepage. You will register for the clinics then register for the team you are invited to join.

Q. Can I tryout for more than one club?

A. Yes, an athlete may tryout for as many programs as he pleases. Relatively new is a “commitment letter” required by our governing body, SCVA. Once the athlete signs the commitment letter, he is obligated to the program he selects for the entire season (both parts of the season).

Q. Is play on Sunday required?

A. We require that any athlete that accepts being placed on a traveling team be available for all practices and all dates of competition. As we play a team sport, it is critical that all our athletes on a team are committed to the team. The schedule this season has very few one-day tournaments on a Sunday yet each major multi day tournament has competition on a Sunday.

Q. What levels of participation do we offer?

A. We offer training for boys from middle school through high school. Our travel teams have had athletes from 8th grade through 12th grade participate. Our National teams commit to participate in a full season and to a complete schedule that includes all tournaments offered via the SCVA and culminates with the USA Volleyball BJNC tournament. Regional teams play fewer competition dates in the fall/winter, all the SCVA events scheduled in May and June of the 2015 summer but do not attend the USA Volleyball BJNC tournament. Local or Non-Travel athletes are committed to the program but do not have any competition dates scheduled. 

Q. What is tuition?

A. We are in the process of finalizing the tuition for each level of participation. It is important to note that our tuition includes all associated costs for participation including registration, tournament entry, coaches, practices, hotel, transportation and uniforms. The only costs not included are meals and airfare for athletes traveling to BJNC tournament each season. Each season our program has worked with individual families to create effective tuition payment options and each year we scholarship part of the tuition for deserving athletes in need. If your family needs accommodation or assistance, please contact Coach Rios to discuss.

Q. What is the schedule?

A. You can find the tournament schedule posted on our CALENDAR page. Also, the practice schedule will be posted as soon as it is completed.

Q. Where are tournaments?

A. Our tournaments are organized by the SCVA and held in the greater Orange County, CA area. 

Q. Where are practices?

A. We have a happy long standing relationship with Henderson International. We host our practices on their campus which is located at 1165 Sandy Ridge Avenue, Henderson , NV 89052. We understand that the location necessitates longer drives for many of our families. Understanding the extraordinary and unparalleled value found at VVC, our families have been wonderful at organizing carpooling to help with the commute.

Q. Any other questions?

A. Use the CONTACT US page or email Coach Rios directly (


Please join us in welcoming home Leo Durkin from his mission. We are excited for him to rejoin fellow alum at BYU this season.


REVISED SCVA schedule and CCSD calendar

We just completed a very successful season and we are already thinking about the upcoming season.

The SCVA released a revised schedule for the upcoming 2014-2015 season. There may be more updates and we will try to post them as quickly as possible. Please begin planning now for the season to prevent all avoidable conflicts. Below you will find links for both the SCVA schedule and the CCSD Academic Calendar for 2014-2015.

Please be prepared to practice the week of December 29, 2014 as we will be preparing for the SCVA Boys’ Invitational that week.

A gentle reminder… All practices are mandatory and all athletes must be available to compete on all tournament days.

2014-2105 CCSD Academic Calendar

2014-2015 SCVA Boys Schedule

Schedule 2014 2015 Boys copy


Great information & Great news!

Before we share the first bits of information from the upcoming season, we are thrilled to share that Walt’s father, Butch, for nearly one week and he is recovering well and rapidly. The new organ is taking well and Butch is mobile. We are thankful for the good news and thrilled for the Benda family.


Here is the first bit of news for the upcoming 2014-2015 season. The schedule has been released and we encourage everyone to put the tournament dates in their calendars. Also, please be mindful that we will have practices between Christmas and New Year’s in preparation of the Boys Invitational.

Please see revised scheduled posted on 07/24/14.


Benda family update

Here is the latest information from the family:

After 8 hours of surgery, the doctors shared that it was a text book surgery. The surgery went well and the body accepted the kidney instantly. In fact, the surgeons shared that the surgery could not have gone any better. Dad (Butch) is still in the hospital so they can monitor his blood sugar, but he is up and making “track star” laps around the floor. Aunt Jody, the donor, gets to go home this afternoon. She truly is amazing and we can’t thank her enough for her generosity. We are so thankful for transplant team and all their hard work and care. Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. 

Walt, Bryton, and Michelle Benda

Thank you to the whole Vegas Volleyball family for generously sending your light and love to the Bendas!




This morning one of our own can use all the light and love we can send collectively. Walt Benda’s father, Butch,  is currently undergoing a kidney transplant surgery. The donor is Walt’s aunt and Butch’s sister. 

Please join us is sending positive thoughts and wishes of a successful surgery to Butch Benda. #family


2014 BJNC & season wrap up!



USA BJNC 2014 was a great and memorable event for our teams! The weather held out, the convention center was a good venue and the hotel was fantastic. If only we could get all of our teams to figure out how to advance without having to play in a challenge round…

Still, we are not used to watching our graduated seniors walk into the airport that last time. It is just about the most bittersweet moment for us as a program. We are so proud of our teams and athletes for their performances this summer in Houston, TX.

We remain irrefutably the best, most successful juniors volleyball club program in Nevada. We know we owe that all to our remarkable young men and their stellar families. Thank you!

ROYAL entered the event seeded 21st overall and began the tournament with a team that was originally seeded fourth in their pool that went on to finish tied for 5th overall. The tournament was a great learning experience with some wonderful matches. Marquee wins against a very good Coast team that finished tied for 5th overall and Pipeline that finished 18th overall are very encouraging signs for a great future. ROYAL ended the event in Flight 1 and finished 29th overall. This very good 16’s team will continue to grow and develop (we expect) into a highly successful team throughout their playing careers within our program. Congratulations and thanks to Coach Nelson for a wonderful summer!


RED has become affectionately known as “the Little Engine that Does”.  We shared earlier the extraordinary compliment the team received from the two officials that worked their epic match versus Paiea (26-28; 34-32; 15-13). The officials commented that the match was perhaps the best match they worked or watched in at least a decade. RED only lost to teams that were seeded and finished higher. The best news to share is that we have already had conversations with and/or been contacted by several college programs with high praise for our team’s skillful, determined play and high interest in exploring possible recruitment of our great athletes. RED began this event seeded 26th overall and improved by finishing 21st overall and in the Bronze bracket. More outstanding, this core group had finished 2013 BJNC in Reno, NV winning Flight 4 and finishing 36th overall. We are proud of the extraordinary growth over the past year! Congratulations and thanks to Coach Augustin for a wonderful summer!


BLACK completed a remarkable tournament with the core nucleus of this team finishing their third BJNC together. Each day of the championships presented unique challenges and this group continued to offer solutions. Entering the tournament with seeded 13th, the opening match was a hard-fought loss in a deciding set (13-15). A hard-fought win against a very good Diablo team saved day one. This tournament was structured oddly, to say the least, and we opened day two against the same Diablo team we had defeated on day one…in fact, we played them in back to back matches. The advantage went to Diablo and again Black was forced to tough out two wins to advance. A hard-fought second set against Ohana (25-18; 32-30) secured our spot in the top brackets for day three. Day Three the team battled to win their three team pool and secure their spot in the Elite Eight. A great win to end day three against a solid Ventura team meant somehow we would open our bid for a medal on day four playing back to back against an opponent for a second time.  The team worked and toiled but could not muster their best volleyball against a team that had the opportunity for revenge. Our loss in the National Quarterfinals meant a 5th place finish overall for Black team. In 2013 playing in Reno, NV, this team finished 18th and in the Bronze division. What an improvement! We are extraordinarily proud of the growth and development of this team in just one year. Congratulations and thanks to all our athletes!



Everyone has been home nearly a week or more and we genuinely hope everyone has settled nicely into summer. We encourage you to find ways to continue playing. One option is to play in beach tournaments held in southern CA.  We have at least two athletes that have committed to playing a couple of CBVA events this summer. You can use the link to find out more. The cost per event is $45 per team. If you are planning to play, please contact Coach Rios to share!

FALL 2014

We will back back just after Labor Day for the 2014-2015 season! Look for new information about our programming throughout August.

USA Volleyball

Coach Rios will again represent Las Vegas as a member of the USA Volleyball High Performance coaching staff. Coach Rios will serve on the Youth A1 coaching staff with outstanding college coaches from across the country. A giant “thank you” to all of our Vegas Volleyball athletes whose performances and work create these opportunities.


We have a few families that still have outstanding tuition balances. Although it feels like a short, mad dash, the summer season is quite expensive. We appreciate your assistance in closing out our season in a positive manner. 


2014 BJNC Day 3 & 4 – RED

Our little engine that does roared loudly yesterday overcoming every challenge it faced. At the end of their last match, the officials pulled both teams together sharing it was the “best match they’d been apart of in many, many years.” Improbably, just a match away from the gold/silver bracket, RED has reached the bronze bracket on Day 4. Regardless of today’s outcome, this group has played inspired, determined volleyball and we are proud of them.

Day 3 Results


Day 4 Bronze Bracket


It has been a great tournament for VEGAS!