Week of February 08

Happy second week of February! It was a very busy weekend with many of our athletes and alumni competing across the valley and country. 


Our Youth teams competed in the first 2016 SCVA Las Vegas League event. The reports from our coaches are absolutely encouraging! There was lots of “getting better and having fun” going on at the various sites where our teams competed. Kudos to all of our Youth athletes, coaches and families. The next tournament weekend in Saturday, February 27. 


Our Girls 14-U team also competed completing their preseason this weekend attending the third of three qualifying events in southern California. The team has shown tremendous improvement and maturity as they have dealt with some serious injuries already. 


And, our tour of the country in support of our alumni continued. We traveled to central Pennsylvania to cheer on alumni now competing for Juniata College. This coming weekend we will be in Phoenix, AZ watching an alum at Grand Canyon University. We are so fortunate to have our athletes representing Las Vegas far and wide. 


Please find and follow your practice schedule using “UpTo”. 

Youth Calendar

Girls Calendar


We will have our first “Surplus Sale” this week. Lots of great, new t-shirts, shorts, hoodies and backpacks perfect for parents and practices. Everything will be only $5 or $10 (cash only please). A great way to show program spirit too! 

Surplus Sale

Let’s make it a great week and earn the upcoming three day weekend.




Volunteer Assignments ~ Feb. o6

The following volunteering assignments are set for Saturday, February 06, 2016. 

Please arrive no later than 7:30 at your respective sites and check in with your site director. Please make sure to clearly and legibly write you name on each scoresheet for the matches your officiate. You will be credited for each set worked. Please bring a whistle. 

Bob Miller Middle School – please check in with Coach Beata or Coach Varela by 7:30 AM 

  • Maeva Badio
  • Aidan Napoli

Schofield Middle School – please check in with Coach Varela by 7:30 AM 

  • Trevor Papock
  • Tyler Sadama

UNLV MPE – please check in with Coach Lia Herlosky by 7:30 AM

  • Derek Robnett
  • Travis Hoadley
  • Jake Hoadley
  • Anthony Gutierrez
  • Chase Larson

Basic High School – please check in with Coach Robin Wood by 7:30 AM

  • Drew Hamlin
  • Cameron Renner
  • Brendan Harville

Saturday, Feb. 06 Las Vegas League

Volunteers Needed

This remains the best way for our athletes to earn tuition credit and contribute to their club costs. We have SIXTEEN slots available this weekend. We need sign ups now! All pools this Saturday, February 06, are AM pools. In the past, athletes have earned significant percentages of their tuition by volunteering on Saturdays. It is easy and a wonderful way to help us grow the game!

Please use the Volunteer Sign Up LVL 2016 sheet to reserve your spot today and for future opportunities. Again, we need you to sign up today!

Las Vegas League Schedule

VVC 12Purple is at Bob Miller Middle School. First match is at 9 AM. Please ask your coach what time to arrive. 

VVC 14Boys is at Basic High School. First duty is working team at 8 AM. Please ask your coach what time to arrive. 

VVC 14Navy is at Basic High School. First match is at 9 AM. Please ask your coach what time to arrive. 

VVC 14White is at UNLV MPE. First match is at 9 AM. Please ask your coach what time to arrive. 

VVC 16Silver is at Schofield Middle School. First match is at 9 AM. Please ask you coach what time to arrive. 

Sat. Feb. 06 – Las Vegas League Schedule

LVL Youth Team Uniforms

Uniforms will be distributed by your coaches on Saturday. The final shipment from Nike is arriving today and our wonderful printer is working to complete our uniforms in time for our first tournament. 

Libero uniforms will not be available this weekend. Coaches will work with Coach Varela to create a plan. Also, any athlete that joined this week will need to work with Coach Varela on an interim plan for uniforms. 


Boys…Tonight & This Weekend


Practices Tonight

Please see changes for tonight’s practices.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.10.07 AM

Florida Fest

The schedule was released and posted this morning. The tournament will be managed real time on AES

Our 18Black, 18White and 17Red will start in an AM pool and have an afternoon round too. 16Royal will start midday. 

You can follow the tournament and our teams HERE



Growing Stronger

We are thrilled to announce that beginning February 1, we will add a regular fitness component to our training offered by Scott “Doc” Porter, Ph.D. 


“Mr. Porter is an internationally recognized and acclaimed exercise physiologist, fitness trainer and wellness consultant.” “Doc” has worked with many professional athletes and NCAA Division 1 programs. 

Areas of concentration or focus may include:

  • Nutrition
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Muscular Balance & Strength
  • Kinematic Awareness
  • Plyometrics
  • Proprioception
  • Psychology

“Doc” will work with our all of our athletes 1-2 times per week for the duration of the current season. As a program, we are committing and reinvesting resources to improve the wellness of our athletes and our competitive advantage. Practices will likely increase in length by approximately 30-minutes to accommodate the training.


Week of January 25


G 14-U Practices

Please be sure to check the link on the Calendar page and/or use the UpTo app to stay abreast of practice dates, time and locations. 

We are very happy with the progress we are making as a team. Let’s remain present and mindful that we want to find specific, measurable areas of improvement each practice. 




Please be sure to check the link on the Calendar page and/or use the UpTo app to stay abreast of practice dates, time and locations. 

Florida Fest

Please provide a PRINTED copy of your itinerary to your coach at your first practice this week. Again, please do not email your itinerary to Coach Rios. 

We will arrange to meet at the airport as a program. Upon arrival in Ft. Lauderdale, we will meet in baggage claim and be transported as a club to hotel. 

Boys BJNC info & practice change

Practice Jan. 21

We know that practice location and times for Thursday, January 21, will change. There has been a change in the school’s calendar. We are working to resolve and reschedule now.

2016 BJNC Hotels

We have reserved our hotels for the 2016 BJNC in Dallas, TX. 

Embassy Suites Market Center-Dallas 

2727 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207

(214) 630-5332

Parents and families can make reservations directly through properties of your choice or via THS. THS is the housing partner for USA Volleyball. You will need your team’s code. You will not have a “parent code” as we do not reserve blocks of rooms for families. You can book online or by emailing Shay Rocca

Team codes

  • 16Royal ~ mj6veagas1sc
  • 17Red ~ mj7vegas1sc
  • 18White ~ mj8vegas2sc
  • 18Black ~ mj8vegas1sc

You can find the dates of your team using the schedule by age division below. 

2016 BJNC Play Schedule