Follow along from home! You can stay up to date with the teams as they compete in the 2015 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships from Columbus, Ohio.

You can view from a web browser or download the AES app. Here is the LINK.

16 Royal are a 2-seed in their round 1 pool.

The team is scheduled to play at 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM on Court 2. Match times are eastern time zone. 

AND, Court 2 will be live streamed via USA Volleyball. You can view live streaming HERE.

2015 BJNC


Work Hard  ||  Get Better  ||  Have Fun



Calendars & Planning & a Poll


We have added and updated our calendar through January 2016 for the BOYS SCVA events for the fall/winter portion of the 2015-16 season. 


September 11, 2015 ~ Tryouts Open

September 14, 2015 ~ Commit date

Here is the tryout information from the SCVA regarding GIRLS tryouts for the upcoming 2015-16 season:

GIRLS 14’s

Oct 17, 2015 ~ Tryouts Open

Oct 26, 2015 ~ Commit date

GIRLS 15’s

Nov 7, 2015 ~ Tryouts Open

Nov 16, 2015 ~ Commit date

GIRLS 16’s/18’s

Nov 14, 2015 ~ Tryouts Open

Nov 23, 2015 ~ Commit date

NO program may begin tryouts or practices any sooner than these dates. Practices typically are not allowed until December 1, 2015.


POLL for Boys 

Next fall, we have been invited to participate in a tournament being planned in the greater San Francisco bay area over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The tournament and logistics would likely add approximately $200 to tuition per athlete and participation would require families to purchase a flight to/from bay area on Thanksgiving weekend.  We are attempting to gauge interest from our families in attending this event. Please reply before June 30, 2015. 

 Work Hard  //  Get Better  //  Have Fun


2015 BJNC (Columbus, OH)


Travel Documents

Please PRINT itineraries and deliver paper copy with your name on it to Coach Rios. Emails may be missed or go to “junk” folder. The itineraries must be printed. Each athlete must submit an itinerary. 

Also, please remember the copy of your government issued ID or school issued ID. 

Deadline is end of practice on Wednesday, June 24. 

BJNC Schedule 

Please see below the overall schedule with wave (AM or PM) assignments. Each of our teams will be in their respective “Club” division. PM Waves begin at 3 PM. We are excited to welcome all the families that are able to join us in Columbus!

2015 BJNC Waves




Great to Share

We received an wonderful email from a parent praising one of our coaches, Max Osmundson, and we wanted to share an excerpt:

“…I iust thought you should know how impressed I was with Coach Max. As evident in so many young coaches, it is easy for a young kid to get caught up in the power and control they have over the team. Even easier to yell at the boys when they mess up. He never let anyone feel any frustration he may have had with the team or individual. Nor did he ever make my son get down on himself… Not only did he do a great job on game day…my son learned a ton, which is really what coaching should be about at this level…he showed great patience through it all, another important characteristic of a good coach. Stephen grew more and more confident in himself and it was evident in his play in the final tournament and attitude for the game…

Troy Hitchcock

We are so proud of Coach Max. He is a wonderful product of our program and a sterling example of the development we foster. Coach Max will serve as an apprentice coach for USA Volleyball programming at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs immediately following BJNC. 

We are ALWAYS looking for great people interested in becoming great coaches! Know of anyone interested? Please ask them to contact Coach Rios.

Work Hard  // Get Better //  Have Fun


Week of June 22 & Boys Classic recap



We are thrilled for the athletes that continue to attend practices regularly. We are seeing measurable improvement.

Practices remain Monday and Wednesday from 8 AM to 10 AM at Sunset Park.

We are hopeful and excited that all the indoor players that have or are completing the Boys season in the next week to ten days will join the Sand program with Coach Sam for July and August. 


Our teams faced some very good competition and experienced some bumps. Remain positive and encouraged. Results in events are NOT the only thing that recruiters are watching. In fact, there are so many other factors that play into results that most recruiters are not interested at all in the overall finish. The college coaches are focused on attitude, athleticism and skill development. It is easy to waiver and look for a “new partner” with each tough event.

Stay the course! Remain positive! Work hard! Get Better! Have Fun! 



Boys Classic 

After this event, it is easy to understand why we dub it the “Hunger Games” of tournaments. We saw growth from all of our teams. 

We believe that our strategy of dividing our great group of freshman and sophomores throughout three teams (Royal, Purple, White) really paid a big dividend. We were able to have many first-time club players on the court with significant roles learning how to play volleyball at a higher level for longer durations. Playing stressful deciding sets in a large venue is a unique experience that becomes routine only through having the experiences. Kudos to our great athletes for their performances. 

The 16 Purple team began the event seeded 69th overall and finished 53rd. The 16 Royal team began the event seeded 42nd and finished 35th. Great finishes for both teams and tremendous work by our athletes and coaches. We are very excited to blend the athletes from our 17-White, 16-Royal and 16-Purple into a single 16-Royal roster for BJNC in Columbus, OH. 

Our 17’s teams faced extraordinarily difficult first day pools that definitely impacted their overall finishes in the tournament. Facing teams seeded 1st and 3rd overall respectively, Red and White enjoyed a largely successful day two and slightly uneven results on day three. The highlight for our 17’s group had to be the herculean comeback by Red in a deciding set. Red was down 8-14 and roared back to win the set. Red began the event seeded 25th overall and finished 26th. White began the event seeded 27th overall and finished 39th. We are committed to developing and growing our solid group of juniors and more advanced sophomores. We look to a very competitive fall/winter season with quite possibly two 18’s teams for the first time in a very long time. We are already preparing our coaching staff to accommodate two competitive, very-skilled 18’s teams. It’s a very good thing!

Black played in some riveting matches against very good teams. With very competitive scores against one opponent that finished in the top 10, two that finished top 20 and another that finished top 25; Black should be very motivated at BJNC. 18 Black began the event seeded 31st overall and finished 29th. 

Thank you to all our athletes, families and coaches for making VVC the most successful program in Nevada.

(Please share photos and videos of our athletes and teams by email them to Coach Rios.) 


We are rapidly approaching departure for Columbus, OH. Every athlete attending must submit his itinerary and a copy of a government issued ID or school ID BEFORE end of practice on Wednesday, June 24, 2015.

Coach Rios will be in Ohio on Friday, June 26, in advance of all arrivals and depart on Monday, July 6.



We still have space in our Summer Camps. With three sessions this summer, we are excited to offer something for most! Session I is for elementary and middle school. Session II is for setters. Session III is for Girls HS athletes and features a spectacular guest coach from Elon University, Jennifer Fry (assistant coach).

Sign up today!


Weekly Schedule

Monday, June 22

@ Sunset Park 

Sand practice 8 – 10 AM

Tuesday, June 23

@ Henderson Int’l

Black & Red 5  – 7:30 PM

Royal 6:30 – 9 PM

Wednesday, June 24

@ Sunset Park 

Sand practice 8 – 10 AM

@ Henderson Int’l

Black & Red 5  – 7:30 PM

Royal 6:30 – 9 PM

Thursday, June 25

@ Henderson Int’l

Black & Red 5  – 7:30 PM

Royal 6:30 – 9 PM

Friday, June 26

No Programming

Saturday, June 27

16 Royal travel day to BJNC

Sunday, June 28

USA BJNC 16’s Begin

Work Hard  //  Get Better  //  Have Fun