GIRLS – Exciting news!

We are so thrilled to share that we are growing..again!

We will host GIRLS travel teams in the 14-U, 16-U and 18-U age groups. Our coaches are working now to determine the best, most effective competition schedule for the upcoming season. 

The SCVA has set very specific parameters surrounding tryouts. We will announce our tryout dates soon. We know the 14-U tryout date(s) will be in late October while the 16-U and 18-U dates are in mid-November. 


Please join us in welcoming our newest coach, Russ Friedland. Coach Russ is currently an assistant coach with UNLV Women’s Volleyball. He brings tremendous experience and knowledge gained at UNLV, Tennessee, George Washington, American University and Daniel Webster College (current home of VVC alumni NJ Makaiwi and Saunoa Afoa). Coach Russ played at Endicott College. 

We are overjoyed to add another great human and wonderful coach to our family.

UNLV Women's Volleyball team poses August 8, 2014 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (Aaron Mayes / UNLV Photo Services) CLIENT: ATHLETICS, SPORTS INFORMATION

Tryout and tuition information coming soon…



BOYS – Week of October 5

This week is always more important than last week. Let’s get better this week!



We are launching our YOUTH Clinic Series this week and we definitely need athlete volunteers from our 18Black, 18White and 17Red teams to help.

Monday 6:30 – 8 PM at Schofield MS // Thursday 6:30 – 8 PM at Bob Miller MS

And this week, it would be great to have help at a short clinic Friday, October 9, from 3:30-4:30 PM at Schofield MS. 

Flights to Florida

We have already booked flights for the coaches to Florida. There are low cost direct flights available from both Spirit Airlines and Jet Blue. Has anyone else found other suggestions? Please share.


We are definitely working to finalize a comprehensive schedule for the remainder of the fall/winter months. Thank you for your patience. 

Week ahead

Monday, Oct. 5

Need 3-5 athlete volunteers @ Schofield Middle School 6:30 – 8 PM for Youth Clinic Series

Tuesday, Oct. 6

@ H. I. 

5 -7 PM ~ 18Black / 18White

7 – 9 PM ~ 16White / 16Royal

Wednesday, Oct. 7

@ H.I.; 6 – 9 PM

18 Black / 17Red

Thursday, Oct. 8

@ H.I. 6 – 9 PM

18White / 17RED / 16Royal / 16White

@ Schofield MS 6:30 – 8 PM ~ Need 3-5 athlete volunteers for Youth Clinic Series

Friday, Oct. 9

Need 3-5 athlete volunteers @ Schofield Middle School 3:30 – 4:30 PM for clinic

Let’s Get Better!

BOYS – BJNC 2015 Dallas, TX

A summertime visit to Dallas, TX!

USA Volleyball 2016 Boys Junior National Championships will be held in Dallas, TX. The 18Black, 18White, 17Red and 16Royal will all be traveling to Dallas, TX for the 2016 BJNC tournament. Each team has a distinct schedule based on age division entered. We hope to have lots of families join us this summer as Dallas is a great city!

The tournament is a “Stay and Play” event managed by USA Volleyball. As soon as we are able to secure hotel rooms (January 2016), we will share that information. You can find more information about the event HERE.

We can and OUGHT to begin securing flights. There are TWO airports in Dallas, TX (DFW, DAL). We will support both airports for incoming and departing athletes. 

18Black / 18White

  • Please arrive no later than 2 PM on Tuesday, June 28, 2016.
  • Please depart no earlier than 6 PM on Saturday, July 2, 2016.


  • Please arrive no later than 2 PM on Saturday, July 2, 2016.
  • Please depart no earlier than 6 PM on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.


  • Please arrive no later than 2 PM on Thursday, June 30, 2016.
  • Please depart no earlier than 6 PM on Monday, July 4, 2016.

*Please be precise with dates for athletes traveling without parents. We will not have additional rooms to house athletes before your team’s scheduled arrival date or after your team’s scheduled departure date. 


BOYS – Florida Bound in January

Sunny Florida in January! We have added a new national event to our schedule this season. The 18Black, 18White, 17Red and 16Royal will all be traveling to Fort Lauderdale, FL for the Florida Fest tournament the weekend of January 30 and 31, 2015. 

The tournament is a “Stay and Play” event managed by USA Volleyball. As soon as we are able to secure hotel rooms, we will share that information. You can find more information about the event HERE.

We can and OUGHT to begin securing flights. There are low cost flights direct, non-stop to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) . Likely flying Spirit airlines, the majority of coaches will take a late flight on Thursday, January 28 (10 PM) and arrive early morning Friday, January 29. There is also an 8 PM flight on Sunday evening that would work. Again, Coach Rios will stay until Monday evening to insure all of our athletes safely depart. 

Athletes should arrive no later than 2 PM on Friday, January 29, 2015 into Fort Lauderdale (FLL).

Athletes should depart no earlier than 8 PM on Sunday, January 31, 2015 from Fort Lauderdale (FLL).


First Flash Store

Our first flash store is footwear focused! We do not have a designated or required team shoe. We are fortunate to be a Nike Volleyball Program.


  1. Flash Store instructions:
  2. Follow the link above.
  3. Order (if you like). Prices are typically lower than at normal retail outlets.
  4. Payment is directly to Lids Team Sales. 
  5. Shipment is directly to YOU!
  6. It is really easy and totally voluntary!

Our next Flash Store will be VVC apparel!


Week ahead (Sept 28 – Oct 2)

It was a beautiful moon last night!


And, it was a spectacular first week of the regular season last week too. We have loads of work to do and we were thrilled to have so many athletes showing up to improve incrementally. It is going to be a great season!

Coaching Clinic

Thank you to Coach Beata (Youth Program) for opening Bob Miller Middle School. And, thank you to Coach and Mrs. Varela for working so hard to make sure we had all the logistics handled for the day. And thank you too to our generous supporters that contributed so we were able to offer scholarships for our coaches to attend the Gold Medal Squared clinic. It was a long day but the information provides a great springboard for more conversation and growth. Thank you to clinicians Tom Melton and Luka Slabe! Our next clinic will be early December 2015.


We are about 99% registered! Please get the registration completed ASAP so we can order uniforms. Our first event is October 24 and it is already likely we will not have uniforms for the first weekend. 

Club Harvest Party

Thank you to the Taylor Family for opening their home Friday, October 16. We will have a Harvest Party night! Dinner will be provided and it will be a wonderful night for our athletes to socialize and continue building our family! We will hand out more information this week at practices. Please mark your calendars.

Parent Meetings

Wednesday, September 30  – Parent Meeting for 18Black team 7:30 PM @ Henderson Int’l

Thursday, October 1 ~ Parent Meeting for 18White, 17Red, 16Royal & 16White teams 7:30 PM @ Henderson Int’l

16’s Teams

We have room on both our 16Royal and 16White teams which means we can consider shifting an athlete or two from non-travel to a travel roster and athletes from the White to Royal roster. If you are interested, please contact Coach Rios as soon as possible.

Youth Programs

We will announce our Youth programming this week. Our Youth programming is focused on boys and girls between 3rd and 8th grade.  We will begin our clinic series the first week of October. 

Girls Programs

We will offer GIRLS travel teams in 14-U, 15/16-U and 18-U. Tryouts for 14-U will be in October. Look for information coming soon. Tryouts for 15/16-U and 18-U will be in November. 

Weekly Schedule

Monday, September 28

Plan your week and begin working your plan; work out on your own

Tuesday, September 29

@ Henderson International

6 PM ~ 18Black; 18White; 17Red; 17NT

Wednesday, September 30

@ Henderson International

6 PM ~ 18Black; 16Royal; 16White; 16NT

7:30 PM ~ Parent Meeting for 18Black

Thursday, October 1

@ Henderson International

5 PM ~ 18Black & 18White

7 PM ~ 17Red; 16Royal; 16White; 17NT; 16NT

7:30 PM ~ Parent Meeting for 18White; 17Red; 16Royal; 16White

Friday, October 2

Make sure you finish your week completely