Great information & Great news!

Before we share the first bits of information from the upcoming season, we are thrilled to share that Walt’s father, Butch, for nearly one week and he is recovering well and rapidly. The new organ is taking well and Butch is mobile. We are thankful for the good news and thrilled for the Benda family. […]

Benda family update

Here is the latest information from the family: After 8 hours of surgery, the doctors shared that it was a text book surgery. The surgery went well and the body accepted the kidney instantly. In fact, the surgeons shared that the surgery could not have gone any better. Dad (Butch) is still in the hospital […]


This morning one of our own can use all the light and love we can send collectively. Walt Benda’s father, Butch,  is currently undergoing a kidney transplant surgery. The donor is Walt’s aunt and Butch’s sister.  Please join us is sending positive thoughts and wishes of a successful surgery to Butch Benda. #family

2014 BJNC & season wrap up!

  USA BJNC 2014 was a great and memorable event for our teams! The weather held out, the convention center was a good venue and the hotel was fantastic. If only we could get all of our teams to figure out how to advance without having to play in a challenge round… Still, we are […]

2014 BJNC Day 3 & 4 – RED

Our little engine that does roared loudly yesterday overcoming every challenge it faced. At the end of their last match, the officials pulled both teams together sharing it was the “best match they’d been apart of in many, many years.” Improbably, just a match away from the gold/silver bracket, RED has reached the bronze bracket […]

Happy Fourth of July!

2014 BJNC Day 3 & 4 – ROYAL

ROYAL began the day seeded fourth in a difficult pool and improved by playing a very purposeful match to finish third. ROYAL will finish their inaugural BJNC on Independence Day. The flight bracket has a maximum of three possible matches. The first match is at 8 AM on court 17. Go VEGAS!

2014 BJNC Day 2 & 3 – RED

The RED team played competitive volleyball in a very good pool today. We hope everyone enjoyed watching in Las Vegas via live streaming. RED began the day as the fourth seeded team and finished third. Day Three will begin at 3 PM with the team serving as the working team. Match #1 on court 10 […]

2014 BJNC Day Two RED

After winning two challenge round matches in straight sets, RED is back in the top half of the tournament and will face stiff completion. We are excited that EVERY VVC team entered in the 2014 BJNC has advanced from it’s day one pool to reach the top half of the tournament. We believe our coaches, […]

2014 BJNC Day Two update ROYAL

After winning two matches and a challenge bracket earlier in the day, ROYAL returned to upset the overall 13-seeded team. Playing in a very tough pool, ROYAL finished 1-2 but maintained the fourth seed in their pool after the tie breaker procedure was applied. A long day of volleyball for our guys had some big […]


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