About VUVC

In early 2016, the club directors for Edge Volleyball Club and Vegas Volleyball Club began discussing how to continue supporting the growth of the valley’s volleyball community. Convinced that concentrating programs rather than diluting athletes and resources was a more intelligent and effective approach, the two clubs embarked on the path towards unification. Looking at their own areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, it became clear that a more focused emphasis on the youngest players was important. Club Vegas entered the dialogue and the three clubs found more common ground. VEGAS UNITED was created in September 2016 from three clubs, each with at least a decade or more of history serving the Las Vegas volleyball community.

We are excited for our first season as VEGAS UNITED VOLLEYBALL CLUB. If you are already a member of one the three programs, we thank you and hope you will find the greater resources enhance the experiences you have had. For those new to any of us, we hope to earn the right to to become the volleyball program of your choice. We pride ourselves on the extraordinary volleyball family we have created with you. 

Thank you!

DJ Goddard, Karissa Guthrie & Robert Rios