(updated 09/03/14)

Click links below for applicable forms for the 2014/2015 season:


2014/2015 Individual Membership Form

2014/2015 Medical Release Form

2014/2015 Junior Boys Commitment Letter  required by SCVA

2014/2015 Junior Boys Tryout Procedures required by SCVA

Coaches / Chaperones

2014/2015 Individual Membership Form

2014/2015 Background Consent and Waiver Form

2014/2015 Club Personnel Code of Ethics Form

2014/2015 Chaperone Responsibility Form


2014/2015 Parent Handbook

17 thoughts on “Forms

  1. Hi, I was wondering, has the 14 & under junior league has started? If not when does it? & if it has are we still able to join?

  2. Hello…We are interested in having our son join club volleyball. Which are the forms needed to be filled out and where do we drop them off at?

      • Ooops! My son is 16 goes to Foothill High school. I am wondering with the different clubs which one to sign him up for. Where practices are held and does he try out? Thanks for your help…

      • We our proud of what our program has achieved and the accomplishments of our young men which distances us greatly from any other option that has existed or will.

        Visit our Boys page:

        Midway down you’ll see a link to verify the age group he is eligible to participate in based on his birthdate.

        Our 16’s/17’s/18’s team will are likely travel to and participate in the Junior National Championships held in Reno, NV this year.

        Tryouts will start May 6.

        We welcome your son.

      • And, you can visit the Calendar page to see our entire practice and competitive schedule now. We practice primarily at Henderson International.

  3. I notice that April 27, 2013 on the calendar states,”first meeting”. Does this mean just a meeting, a practice, or a tryout? I am interested in the regionals team (non JO). What do we bring for the “first meeting” (in terms of paperwork and/or volleyball)?

    • We are in the process of rescheduling our first meeting. April 27 will not be our first meeting due to a myriad of conflicts. The first meeting, you should bring your USAV Junior Registration form completed, your Medical release form completed and the Player Agreement completed. All of those can be found on our FORMS page. What age group are you interested in trying out for?

      • Ah, I just the email and I should be there one of those two days with all the forms filled out. I checked on your website with the USAV link for age definitions and I would be eligible for the 17’s team. On the meeting day, do we also bring the payment?

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